Data Center Solution

We specialize in planning, design, build, monitoring, maintenance and upgrade for the entire data center Physical Infrastructure and Server Rooms by which the result is constantly accessible, scalable, redundant and maintainable Data Center environment.

Data center is the heart of IT in every company. Without applications that run in the data center almost none of companies can imagine their long term existence these days. Stability and availability of the data center is the key aspect for the company’s success.

Data Center Virtualization

Previously, every server in a server farm would be assigned to support a single application. It was expensive and inefficient. Today, virtualization makes multiple virtual machines (VMs) on a single server. This allows each server to support different applications in the meantime, saving you money on equipment and maintenance.

Data Storage

Expand the Storage Capabilities of the Data Center. Every minute of every day, your company generate lots of information and all of it needs to be kept somewhere. Whether you use all flash storage for tier one applications, or hard disk drivers for archives, data storage is a basic part of your IT environment.

Core Infrastructure Applications

Ensuring the Fundamentals of Modern Business. An organization’s server farm system depends on a few center framework applications. These program support the rest of the technology framework of an organization.

Converged Infrastructure

Every converged infrastructure design we suggest is a proven arrangement of perfectly integrated hardware. Multiple manufacturers come together to make powerful Data Center solutions

Data Backup and Recovery

Redundancy and Peace of Mind. Information is useless if it is lost. jintech group can ensure you always have access to your Information through the latest data backup and recovery solutions.

Data Center Security

We have cyber security solution and products that enable organizations to avoid, identify and respond to advanced malware and other cyber-attacks targeting the data center that routinely sidestep conventional signature-reliant defenses.
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